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Could Kataleya and Kandle be Uganda’s next biggest duo?

Kataleya and Kandle

We have seen a lot of success stories in the Ugandan music industry of singing duos. The Goodlyf, Ziza Bafana and Yiya Moze, Kent, and Flosso name them and now Kataleya and Kandle who are aiming to do much more than what the above mentioned have in the industry. Besides being a singing duo, the two are best friends who were inspired by the love of music.

“We both loved music and there was nothing like a girl duo by the time we started singing in Uganda,” said Kataleya about their inspiration.

After searching for someone to invest in their dream and their efforts hitting a dead end, the duo decided to do it themselves and they are not regretting it. “We woke up one day after failing to find financial support and we decided to do it ourselves, we were like let’s do this whoever wants to work with us will find us on the way,” adds Kandle.

Their passion for music and talent earned them signatures at Theron Music which is a label that is managing them. Their single ‘Muzibe wa love’ is not doing badly on the charts which has given them hope that their future is bright.

About the duo

Kataleya: Went to Apostolic primary school in Mengo then Noah’s Ark in Rubaga for high school. She was born on the 19th of December.

Kandle: Went to Bunamwaya C/U primary school and Kyambogo College and was born on the 22nd of February.

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