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Sheebah Karungi on why she makes a lot of collaborations

Easily referred to by music lovers as the queen of collaborations in Uganda, Sheebah Karungi has worked with so many artistes most of whom she has given a platform to kick start their music careers.

The ‘Nakyuka’ singer has come out and explained why she is big on collabos.

According to the self-proclaimed Swag Mama, joints projects are the in thing at the moment and they give an artiste a platform to create a new fan base.

“Collaborations are the in thing. I don’t do them because I’m supposed to but deeply we are helping and building each other,” she said.

Sheebah recently teamed up with legendary artiste Chance Nalubega on a song dubbed ‘Kale Maama’ that has been topping the charts.  Sheebah is one of the biggest artistes in Uganda and artiste would consider themselves lucky to have her on a project. She, however, says she is open to working with any artiste that reaches out to her.

“In all honesty, every artiste in Uganda can work with me. Sometimes we love people but we won’t show them so if you love someone and want to work with them, approach them.” Sheebah in a recent interview.

Unlike some big artistes who don’t push collaborations once they are released, Sheebah says that she markets all her songs because she loves all her songs.

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