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Lil Pazzo apologizes to Kasuku

“An apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift”. These were wise words, said by late author Margaret Lee Runbeck and that’s what exactly transpired on Dembe FM’s Talk & Talkshow today.

Two years ago, Isaac Katende alias Kasuku, faced the wrath of some musicians who rose in arms against him.

Their quarrel was that Kasuku a presenter of Dembe FM had crossed the line in bashing them on television and programs, and were therefore petitioning Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to ask NMG authorities to fire him.

The cry out that went on for weeks saw no fruition. Today; singer Lil Pazzo has come out on air, and asked Kasuku for pardon, arguing that he was being used.

“Please forgive me ‘uncle’ Kasuku, the bigger musicians only fronted me as a ringleader,” he said. He added that the big boys used him as a strategy, to have him hated by the media so he could vanish musically.

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