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Juliana opens up about her pregnancy journey – describes it as emotional

Over a year ago, singer Juliana Kanyomozi shocked many when she shared a photo of her with her newborn baby on social media. This confirmed that the singer is a very private person and her silence has led to speculations regarding her personal life and music career.

She successfully hid her pregnancy from the public until the delivery. After a year and months of speculation, Juliana has decided to open up about her pregnancy journey through a live video.

“After I got the news, I couldn’t believe that I was pregnant, my family and I had prayed for this for so long so it was an emotional journey for me,” she narrated.

Juliana who had had her baby in Canada in 2020 has revealed that this was one of her most depressing moments.

She travelled to Canada at the beginning of 2020 and after settling in, the Covid stories started coming in and before she knew it, a lockdown was announced before her sister and Taj’s father could join her.

“Imagine a lockdown in winter, in a foreign country, yet you are pregnant and alone. That was scary,” she recounts.

The diva also added that the whole situation got her depressed because she literally had to do everything on her own. From shopping to hospital visits but was able to survive the whole situation through trusting God.

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