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Good music will always find its way across borders – Tshaka Mayanja assures Naira Ali

Singer Naira Ali was hosted on NTV The Beat a few days ago and asked some questions regarding her music career.

Since she’s now settled in the US, she was asked what is failing Ugandan music to penetrate overseas. Her response was what forced instrumentalist Tshaka Mayanja to come out and question her.

According to Naira, Luganda is what is failing Ugandan music from crossing borders. This however is what Tshaka Mayanja disagrees with. He believes good music can cross borders.

“I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry, or both, at this video interview title. I’m thinking, you either have GOOD Music or you don’t. Language has never stopped West African Griot nor South African Traditional/Contemporary Music being appreciated and consumed GLOBALLY. I can share a list of successes in case you need one,” he posted.

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