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Bebe Cool’s son is not signed under Gagamel

Allan Hendrick

Allan Hendrick aka Paper Daddy has a new song titled ‘We are tired’ which apparently hits at the government for the continued lockdown and the current situation. The song has caught the attention of many and is being appreciated by critics for the strong message it carries.

To promote the song, Hendrick is doing a media tour. While at one of the TV stations during the tour, he hinted at something that caught our attention.

Hendrick who happens to be Bebe Cool’s firstborn during an interview on Spark TV said he is not signed to any label. Going by his statement, this simply means that he’s not signed under his father’s record label, Gagamel.

“I’m not signed to any label. I just have a big team of people I work with. My team has very many people who do very many things,” he said.

A few years back, Bebe Cool said Hendrick is one of the CEOs of the Gagamel audio studio.

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