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Several artistes reach out to me on a daily for collaborations – Lydia Jasmine

Lydia Jasmine

Singer Lydia Jazmine has crowned herself the queen of collaborations in Uganda. Speaking during a recent interview on NBS, Jazmine noted that several artistes reach out to her daily seeking to have her on their songs; meaning they appreciate her value.

“I’m the queen of collabos and they know. They will appreciate me the more when I make a name outside Uganda. I’m blessed because everybody I work with appreciates. Everybody wants to work with me because they know what I can do. When I jump on the song, I give it my all,” she said.

According to Jazmine, as long as she connects and vibes with an artiste, there is no need for the artiste to pay her for the collabo.

On why she does not have a lot of international collabos, Jazmine explained that she decided to build a brand locally before venturing into the global scene. This appears to be working as she’s featured on two international collabos; ‘Julie’ with Bahai from Kenya and ‘Jowo’ alongside Nigeria’s Jinmi Abduls.

Lydia Jazmine made her music debut in 2014 after collaborating with Rabadaba on ‘You Know’. However, her breakthrough came in 2016 when she teamed up with Geosteady on ‘Same Way‘.

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