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Faridah Nakazibwe appoints self police snitch

With the Coronavirus numbers surging every passing day, some bars have continued to host partygoers behind closed doors despite the president’s directive for all bars to be closed.

A few days ago, two bars were found operating and those found drinking have been remanded to Kitalya prison, we have learnt. With this, NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe has come out and promised to work hand in hand with the police, perhaps responding to the popular call ‘help the police to help you’.

The news anchor/Mwassuze Mutya presenter has vowed to alert the police if she comes across an open bar.

“Starting tomorrow, if I pass by your bar on my way home and there are signs it’s open to drunkards, I will not stop at alerting the police, I will personally supervise the raid,” she tweeted.

Faridah further advised everyone to drink from their home as part of a concerted effort to contain the spread of the virus which has infected 60,250 Ugandans following 1,735 new cases confirmed by Ministry of Health today. The ministry officials further said 15 more people had succumbed to the virus, pushing the country’s tally to of virus deaths to 423 since March last year when the virus outbreak was confirmed in the country.

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