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Bebe Cool trashes rumours that he is battling Covid

There have been rumours making rounds that Bebe Cool has been battling Covid for the past couple of days. This came after the singer posted a video on his Snapchat stories captioned “Thinking what to do with this Covid-19”.

Whereas the artiste agrees that he has been down, he has trashed those allegations saying it was not Covid-19. In a clip that we came across, the ‘Wakayima’ singer says that he has been down with Malaria and typhoid.

“I would like to clarify something that has been making rounds on social media that I’m battling Covid. That is not true I’m not battling covid I had malaria and Typhoid which I’ve been battling for the last two and a half weeks and I’m now fine,” he stated.

He, however, emphasized that Covid is real, and it’s everywhere. He also called upon the public to wear masks, keep social distance and observe the SOPs.

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