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Spice Diana sends her manager special birthday message

32 Records boss Roger Lubega commonly referred to as manager Roger is celebrating his birthday today. The manager who has fundamental in Spice Diana’s music career for the past five years has received a lot of well wishes among which were Spice Diana’s.

Their closeness has always left rumors flying across the gossip corridors of a possible manager-singer romantic relationship. Never, however, have they showed their affection in public – not a kiss, not a hug. It is even rumoured that the two even live under the same roof.

If we are to go by Spice’s birthday message to Roger, he is just her buddy. The singer thanks Roger for sacrificing the most to see her brand achieve huge success and how he is an answered prayer that she sent to God.

The celebrated musician took to social media this morning showered his long-term manager, Roger Lubega with love and respect through a social media post.

“I have never walked a journey so real , so developmental, so fun … thank you for sacrificing , having sleepless nights, tiresome days …..for the brand spice Diana for the past 5 years .

I prayed for a manager like you in 2016 and God answered my prayers. You have become part of my life, been a father  , a brother  . My best friend , Business partner , thank you for changing my life and my career

You have pushed me to work hard, reminded me of who i am , Where I have come from and where am heading to … thank you so much for everything,

praying to God to give you more life and grant you your heart desires . Long live buddy , May God bless your kind soul . Happy birthday @lubegaroger,” she posted.

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