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Unleash your beat limited edition

Companies are looking for different strategies to make a mark on the industry as we are get past the Covid-19 pandemic. Some are giving celebrities endorsement deals to stay in people’s eyes while others are putting out different products.

Club Pilsner has decided to celebrate urban tribes through the ‘unleash your beat limited edition’ which the young Ugandans identify with and it is giving them the platform to do just that by putting them on their limited edition designs.

“Modern tribes are essentially formed by groups of consumers who share a common interest or passion which induces a collective sense of belonging. At the forefront of cheering those who express those unique qualities that make them stand apart (their beats), we are applauding those collectives with people who live their life unrestrained. Those who “Unleash Their Beat,” noted Francis Nyende the Brand Manager Club Pilsner.

He added that 2021 is the year for more creativity and innovation so people are now more than ever proud of doing and showing who they are and learning from each other hence the different teams. Limited editions include Team Drip, Team MBs, Team Techiez &amp and Team No Sleep and these will run for a period of only three months.

This is all aimed for consumers to feel good about themselves every time they drink the beer that resonates with who they are.

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