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Zoe Melodies release their EP

With all the distractions in society from politics to Covid, it looks like music is the only source of inspiration and escape from stress. It is our redeemer but we have not been helped much as we should have by some of our artists. Thanks to a few who have tried including the Zoe ministries who have released their EP titled ‘The greater Love’. Indeed it’s a greater love as this EP (Extend Play) has the best choice of songs for healing.

This EP is a worship and at the same time message album that will heal you in whatever situation you are going through.

The six track EP album has songs such as Mr. Politician, a direct caution to those in authority, The Body of Christ that calls for oneness and unity in the church, Greater Love that reads like a love letter from God Himself to me, The Place of Encounter, a song that draws you into the God’s very presence before his throne, Awesome God, that show that greatness of the lord and Rhythm of Heaven a bit groovy song that will get you dancing. The instrumentation and the beats are on point and each song on this EP has a deep and strong message that everyone can easily relate to.


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