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Ssegirinya warned off National Anthem, Flag

Kawempe North MP-elect Mohammed Ssegirinya being arrested for leading a protest in Kampala on March 22. PHOTO/MICHEAL KAKUMIRIZI

Embattled Kawempe North MP-elect Mo Ssegirinya has been warned to stay off the National Anthem and Flag over fears he could alter the verses and the national colours.

Ssegirinya gained infamy in excess last week when it was alleged that he had not only forged academic documents to qualify himself for political office but also did a really bold job at it.

Uganda Media Centre boss OO said allowing such a person to sing the national anthem could give him weird ideas to experiment with his skills.

“We shouldn’t take chances. We don’t want to hear the National Anthem changed into ‘Oh Uganda, the weed that upholds PP,’” he joked, before adding, “But if we need to revise how long NRM has stayed in power to calm down haters, Ssegirinya will come in handy.”

*Disclaimer: This is a parody column

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