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Struggling singer Tip Swizzy duplicates Maserati beat

Tip Swizzy

One can presume that the day singer Tip Swizzy chose to part ways with Eddy Kenzo birthed a new age of his music struggles. The singer who has been upcoming every year has recently chosen to defy copyright rule to duplicate other people’s music.

Featuring upcoming artiste Wizkeeber, Tip Swizzy recently released a new song dubbed ‘Idege’ a replica of ‘My Miserati’ a popular song by Nigerian Afro-Pop singer  Olakira whose real name is Adelusola Ebenezer Adefemi.

Produced by producer Delete, Swizzy simply translated the song and maintained the beat and the progression from the start to the end and he never credited the original composers of the song. It is now becoming a trend for Ugandan musicians to infringe on foreign artist’s copyrighted works.

International Copyright laws grant the owner exclusive right to reproduce the original work, distribute reproductions, display, and adapt the original work. In Uganda, Copyright law grants authors, artistes, and other creators protection for their literary and artistic creations, generally referred to as “works”.

The kind of works protected by copyright include, but not limited to; literary and artistic works such as; novels, poems, plays, newspapers, adverts, films, musical compositions, choreography, paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and architecture, maps, technical drawings and Computer software, programs, and databases.

It should be noted that for Natural persons, Copyright is protected for the lifetime of the author and 50 years after his death, and for corporations companies, Copyright is protected for 50 years after the date of the 1st publication

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