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No fireworks, No problem

It has been a tradition for most people all over the world to take to the streets on 31st December to usher in the new year. Fireworks, are displayed and songs of joy and thanks giving are sung. This year has been very different right from the beginning due to the outbreak of the coronavirus a pandemic that put the entire world on a stand still. With restrictions being loosened after over three months of lockdown, there was some hope that there would be celebrations restricted to a number of people that would be allowed in particular parts of town. However, all the hope was killed this morning when the government suspended all New Year night celebrations, including display of fireworks, prayers and converging in trading centres.

The Information minister, Ms Judith Nabakooba, said police have been directed not to grant any company permission to display fireworks, saying it would lead to gatherings of people and escalate the spread of coronavirus. Well, who says Fireworks was the only way into a new year ? Here are a few ideas you can incorporate to usher in the new year in a fun way.

Camp fire at home

This would be once in a lifetime experience. Usually we go to the woods or to the lakeside to set up campfires. Just imagine carrying this experience to your compound just to usher in the new year. The entire family around a campfire sharing memories and being grateful for yet another year how cool could that be? To add a little bit of fun, sleeping in a tent would be the icing on the cake.

Get away

31st is always crowded especially in city centers with people excited to see the new year. Traffic is heavy, noise from different parts of the city is too much. Wouldn’t it be nice for one to take a moment out of the city and enjoy the new year in the country side? One doesn’t have to go fancy resorts to enjoy such a moment, your family home out of town can do so long as there people around t share the joy with.

Watching celebrations on TV

Obviously not every country has suspended the New Year’s celebrations. Sitting home and watching other countries celebrate can be good plot for one to catch up on the celebrations. Different local TV stations will also bring the feel of the celebrations to your sitting room so why not!

House party/drink up

Gatherings were banned in March to cub the spread of the coronavirus but there is no harm in having a drink up with your family and next door neighbors. I mean how fun would that be? For the past few months, partying from home has become the new normal so a drink up to up to usher in the new year wouldn’t be such a bad idea, right?

Game night


You know those things you watch in movies of family game nights, yes those ones. There is always a first time for everything. A family game night is would bring so much fun and laughter to the enjoyment. Game night can be about fond memories of the family, entertainment and sports among other things.

Prayers at home

What better way to start the year than to  thank God for taking you through the previous one. We all know how hard 2020 has been, we ought to give thanks and praise to God for taking us through it. Family prayers can be organized to usher in the new year prayer for a better and virus free year.

Wait for next year

Well, some people will be too angry to celebrate since the government has banned the traditional way of celebrating in Uganda. All you need to do is pray for life and wait till next year and have mega celebrations.

Otherwise Happy new year folks!

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