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Musicians, journalists tipped on utilizing Emyooga funds

Dr. Hillary Musoke Kisanja Director National Youth Skilling program under the office of the President

Dr. Hillary Musoke Kisanja Director National Youth Skilling program under the office of the President has called upon journalists in the entertainment sector as well as the entertainers and Musicians to formalize their savings groups (SACCOs) so that they can be able to benefit from Government programs.

While meeting journalists in Kampala from various media outlets, Kisanja said that this money is for all Ugandans who have met the set requirements

“Nobody should lie to you that you have pay to access these funds, once you have a group and its members are serious in saving with the required paperwork just invite the team from the Ministry of finance to take you through the process.”

Kisanja said that it will not appear nice when all other groups of people have benefitted from the scheme when the journalists who are preachers of the program haven’t gained anything

“Saving in these groups is essential because it’s one of the indicators that members are committed and can be able to manage the funds which are going to be allocated to them since Emyoga cash is just a supplementary.”

Emyoga is a Runyankore word meaning a group of people doing the same thing, Emyoga is a Presidential Initiative that was recently launched by President Museveni to help Ugandans improve their financial welfare through SACCOs, and it is being championed by Minister in charge of Microfinance Hon Haruna Kasolo.

The program targets Ugandans especially in the informal sector that come together in form of savings and Credit Cooperative societies.

On the same day the team from State House met with Ggaba Road Carpenters who are yet to be evicted from Nsambya Road Reserve by UNRA in its road expansion program

These reported to him that they have not benefited anything from these machines which President Museveni donated to them because some of their leaders turned them into their equipment.

In response to this, the team from State House assisted them in electing an interim committee to assist them in managing the Machines as well as the SACCO

However, they promised that they are going to audit the books of their SACCO and Association and as soon as the 2021 elections are done, elections will be held for their new leaders.

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