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Covid-19: Fun Factory use song to sensitise Ugandans

Fun Factory comedians Richard Tuwangye and Hannington Bugingo educate and entertain fans in their latest musical project.

Weekuuma Weka is a song that will leave you with some food-for-thought while you get entertained

Primarily, a song is about melody and how catchy it is. In Weekuuma Weka, comedy outfit Fun Factory is providing a musical pill you ought to swallow and muse over because at the end of the day you are in charge of your off health safety against the covid-19 pandemic.
‘Weekuuma weka’ is a Luganda local phrase to mean ‘you are in charge of your protection’. It is a song that will leave you with some food-for-thought while you get entertained with some lyrical hooks and comic visuals in the music video.

“It is not anyone’s responsibility for you to stay alive. Even your father might call you to ask how you are doing and if you are safe from the virus but in the end, it is an individual responsibility. He is simply giving you a reminder but how you execute your caution against the virus is entirely up to you. At the end of the day, everyone who has gone to the ICU had a lapse moment,” explains Richard Tuwangye.

The aim was for the song to have a crosscutting audience appeal.
Tuwangye felt he needed to compose a song but also work with Yese Oman Rafiki, real name Joshua Kiberu, who he considers a genius when it comes to coining musical phrases in order for the song to capture the audience.
Rafiki coined the line, ‘Teleeza mask yeleeze’.

The song was recorded at his Route Studio in Bunga, along Gaba Road. “The experience with Fun Factory is always full of creativity and life,” Rafiki says. It is the second song Fun Factory has released, after ‘Yambala Mask’, which was also created by Tuwangye who has a music history on scene having been part of the of VIP group.

Simon Base Kalema, another member of the group is also a singer. “Master Card Foundation was running campaign codenamed ‘It is up to us’ and when they saw our ‘Yambala Mask’ video, they thought it was a very creative way to keep people reminded about the need to keep ourselves safe,” Tuwangye narrates.

He adds, “We’ve been together too long that we know our individual abilities. We are 16 but I know what a combination of Simon Base Kalema and Frobisha Lwanga can bring to a song so this particular song, Weekuuma Weka, the significant leads were myself, Simon, Frobisha and Hannington Bugingo doing the chanty parts.”

The success of the song was determined by how it was appreciated by the mass market; numbers had to matter.
Weekuuma Weka is one of a three-song project. The second project song, titled ‘It’s up to you’, is in the works and will feature Tuwangye, Tindi Mustafa and Dickson Zizinga. The music video of ‘Yambala Mask’ was shot by Kiira Creative. Lense Media shot ‘Weekuuma Weka’.

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