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DJ Apeman shuts down Mbarara Club Dome

DJ Apeman doing his thing with the flames on stage. PHOTOS BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

It has always been a battle between artistes at the previous editions of Club Dome but last Friday things took a different twist as DJs stole the show in Mbarara.

Despite the downpour earlier in the day, University Inn was filled to capacity with students.

Inside the dome, Fenon Records had done a tremendous job with the stage. Artistes performed to expectation, but it was the DJs who put up an impressive battle. Silverback’s DJ Apeman, without a doubt, took the night.

He did things differently, mashing up the night with a smoke and flame machine. But it was the candy-stuffed balloons that drove the audience crazy.

Feffe Bussi doing his thing.

When one burst and candies flew in the air, the students could not help but burst the other 10.

SlickStuart and Roja worked the crowd with mostly their song collabos Very Well, Éva, Pon Mi, among others but it was their latest, Sunday featuring Toniks, that turned on the crowd.

Other DJs who played were Dash and Mbarara’s Riddim and Alberto.

De gal dyem sugar. Who was supplying those crowns though?

The performances came from Feffe Bussi, who almost caused a stampede when he took the mic. Ray G, of the Omusheshe fame, put up a lukewarm performance despite being a homeboy. He needs to do some work on his stage presence.

From the artiste lineup, it was Daddy Andre who stole the night, proving that he is not just a city darling. Among his songs that received cheers was Sikikukweka, Ku Kyokya, You and Me and Now.

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