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Man arrested for stealing son’s eggs to clear alcohol debt

The eggs reportedly belonged to his 20-year-old son Nicholas Mpaulo. FLICKR PHOTO

Police in Kamuli District are holding a man for allegedly stealing his son’s eggs and selling them to clear a debt after consuming waragi.

Rogers Isingoma, 46, of Bulemu Zone, Buwaiswa Sub-county in Kamuli district, is alleged to have stolen five eggs that were laid by a turkey in a banana plantation, and sold them at Shs4,500 to pay for waragi, chapatti, and mulokonyi (cow hooves), which he consumed on a debt.

The eggs reportedly belonged to his 20-year-old son Nicholas Mpaulo.

“We arrested him after receiving several complaints and are charging him with theft and trespass,” Mr Alfred Waibi, a police officer at Bukwenge Police Post, said.

Mr Isingoma, on his part, said he landed on the eggs as he went to answer nature’s call and sold them to a relative but later heard that his son was complaining of theft of his turkey eggs.

“I had gone for long call in the bush and saw the eggs, picked and sold them to clear my waragi bill of Shs1,500.

“I then went to the trading centre and ate two chapatis and mulokonyi since I am HIV positive and needed to survive. I still have the balance of Shs1,000,” he said.

He further denied allegations that he has been stealing residents’ jerry cans and coffee. He pleaded to be pardoned because he is currently too weak to dig for a living.

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