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Gravity Omutujju denies beating up old man at a show

Singer Gravity Omutujju who has been accused of beating an old man at a show in Busia has come out to deny the act. It is said that Gravity was booked to perform at a show but when he got on stage, he didn’t deliver his best.

Moses Kalule who was the promoter of the show said that Gravity only did two songs and left stage yet he was the headlining performer. “When we followed Gravity to make sure he does his full performance, he was furious, he beat up my friend who is an elderly man because he wanted to stop him from leaving the venue” Kalule said.

Gravity, on the other hand, swore that he never touched this old man and that he was being framed because they want to get money from him. “These people think artistes have money and they always want to frame us so we pay them” Gravity said.

He went on and said that the man only showed up with a beer bottle and wanted to beat him up but he asked security to take the man away and that was all that happened.

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