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No more breaks for us- Napoleone Ehmah

Napoleone Ehmah

In just one month and one week, new comedy show ‘Just Comedy’ has had three shows and two breaks of which the two breaks have come with no clear explanation.

This prompted people to suspect that the show is purely about Patrick Salvador who is one of the directors alongside Napoleone Ehmah and Ronnie Mcvex while others thought that the show was already heading for an exit.

To set the records straight, Napoleon explained to us that the breaks happened because it was inevitable. “For proper planning, breaks have to be there. Sometime it’s even beyond our control. In our case to be honest, we were sorting out a few issues with the venue management,” he said.

Besides that, he also added that the other challenge they have been facing is finding the right comedians. “Comedians that fit in our expectations are never around. Some are always on trips while others are busy engaged in other businesses.”

The comedian also revealed that since the issues have been sorted, they are going to be consistent starting with this week’s edition.

“Starting this Wednesday, we are going to have a marathon of comedy editions because we have sorted out everything,” he concluded.


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