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Television series on sexual networks released

Damage Cast on Set. Courtesy Photo

The history of Uganda and television series comes a long way back, from the 2000’s when series like, Center 4 and later The Hostel found their way to screens. This virtually created an assurance that issues of public and social concern would then be dispersed through film.

However, few television series have embarked on a particular theme consistently and many have died pre-maturely. Another series is in line with sexual network and young families dubbed ‘Damage’ is yet been released. It

According to the creator Mr Patrick Ssemboga, ‘Damage’ was created with a motive of educating the youth, young marrieds and the urban middle class folks on the dangers of the sexual network through local content based entertainment which depicts the typical Ugandan life that the audience can readily relate to.

The creator says he drew interest from a wedding where the bride and groom went to change for the cake cutting session but delayed for close to 40 minutes.

The emcee of the event was told to entertain the guests as they waited on the couple to return. However, while he kept the crowd entertained, he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to the couple and later found out that there was a scenario going on between the groom and his ex-partner. The creator therefore felt the need to address sexual network related issues through educative entertainment that the audience can readily relate to.


“DAMAGE” traces the post academic life of a group of friends doing life together; they have entangled relationships, divergent business ideas and try to balance their personal and business lives in order to deal with their daily challenges.

Run time: 25 MINUTES

Episodes: 16

Crew: Creator: Patrick Ssemboga

Writers: Patrick Ssemboga and Kizito Godfrey

Producer: Kanunu Natalie

Directors: Patrick Ssemboga, Kizito Godfrey and James Ocen

Director of Photography: James Mbiri

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