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King Michael gets a few seconds with President Museveni

King Michael Meets President Museveni

A couple of weeks back, King Michael held a press conference and gave reasons why his concert flopped. Besides that, he upon the president to come to his rescue financially, because he was an ardent supporter of the ruling party.

The golden chance presented itself during Catherine Kusasira’s ‘Tears of a woman’ concert last Friday although it wasn’t easy.

Michael Mugwanya alias King Michael came a few minutes after the president arrived and wanted to approach him there and then but his bodyguards couldn’t allow him. He maneuvered his way to one of the seats on a table that was placed a few meters from the president’s table.

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It was when Catherine Kusasira started directing his people to go and greet the president that Michael seized the opportunity.

He went as part of golden production and shook the president’s hands while whispering in his ears.

Perhaps telling him of all his problems just exactly how Kusasira had told him a few seconds before. “King Michael, there is the president, tell him all your problems,” she had said on the microphone.

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