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It has been tough but…- Lilian Mbabazi

Getting up close: Before the passing of her baby daddy, Mowzey Radio, singer Lilian Mbabazi had moved back to Rwanda and would only return to Uganda for performances. She speaks to Isaac Ssejjombwe on what life has been like the past few years.

What have you been up to?

Just being a mum, taking care of the children, figuring out some things in life because it has not been easy. I cannot dig deep into what, but I am figuring out the direction I want to take in my life, things I want to change, keep doing and so on.

Also, I have become more private than I was before. I decided to keep a little bit of me to myself. It is still a journey for me and I am not really ready to speak about certain things but when I am ready, I will speak about them.

You returned from Rwanda. What was the main reason for your relocation?

I moved back to Uganda after I heard about Moses’ accident. I never moved back to Rwanda because I had so much do deal with, so I brought the children back to Uganda and they have joined school here.

Sometimes the industry can be overwhelming and you need to just take a break. And you know it is home because I was home with mom, sisters and brothers. Besides that, there is also growth as a person, where certain things do not mean as much as they used to and you need to take a second and re-evaluate so many things and you cannot do that when there is so much surrounding you.

Despite everything moving the way it is supposed to move, at the end of the day, you have to take care of you because if you do not everything else does not matter.

How have you been coping since Radio’s passing?

It has been tough. It has been one day at a time but God has been good and faithful. He surrounded me with good people in my life such as my family, friends and a few artistes and people in the industry like Steve Jean, who has been there for me.

It is such a blessing and I am still standing.

Musically, we have been working a lot with the Sundowners and we have shows all the time. I have also been recording new music, only that we needed to come up with a new plan on how to release it.

I will also be performing at the Fezah Johnnie Walker Highball event this Saturday, so you should come and witness a new Lilian Mbabazi and the Sundowners.

If chance came, would you do something with Blu *3?

I guess. But that is a question I cannot give a proper answer to because so much has changed among us. But because I love the girls, if chance came, it would be great but right now, I am not sure.

We bet you saw the cyber beef between Cindy and Sheebah. What’s your take on that?

There is so much space in the industry for us to be fighting and if somebody can excel at one thing, why not allow them to excel? But I feel like the public fuels most of these fights. These fights are not necessary and everybody can achieve what they are able to achieve. They are all successful in their own way so why do we have to compare them? Comparison is what kills creativity. Not every artiste can perform live. When I started performing live, I was so terrible. There are so many things I had to learn, such as listening to yourself, learning about the keys, cues and notes, among others.


On Jackie Chandiru

Everybody has their struggles and what is happening to her is very unfortunate. All I can do is pray for her. I tried seeing her but since a lot has been happening, I have not been successful. I have been calling the sister but I have not been able to catch up with her.

Relationship with Dora Mwima

This is another topic that I do not want to talk about, but she is a lovely girl. We are friends, we have become family, I appreciate getting to know her and her family. My children love them and the feeling is mutual.

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