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Socialite Katsha De’bank launches Education foundation

Socialite alias Katsha De’ Bank in Mityana earlier today

“Education is life and without education the life at this planet earth is miserable. Considering this statement who knows better than the citizens of the third world country about the significance and importance of education. The African continent is suffering not because of absence of talent but it is due to low literacy rate of our region. Considering the importance of education in development of society at large, we at The Katsha Foundation have pledged our resolve to change the lives of our fellow countrymen by playing our role in education development of the vulnerable segment of the society” socialite Shafique Katumba alias Katsha De’ Bank was quoted ahead of the launch of his new Education Foundation.

Speaking at the launch in Mityana earlier today, Katsha said that he has engaged himself in a number of charity projects but Educational has always come number one. The socialite who is based in South Africa said that the project will start in Mityana because it is where he spent most of his childhood life.

He also said that his dream is to see no child out of school because he is ready to execute his dream which is to build a future generation. All school dropouts are going to be taken back to school and everything will be provided to them under Katsha Foundation. He will build a boarding school where these children will all go. The school that is going to be a Nursery and Primary school will replace a school in Mityana which he says he will not mention until it is bought off.

For starters, Katsha DeBank is the founder of The Money Team (TMT) a money spending group based in South Africa but comes to Uganda every end of the year to throw parties and also do charity.


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