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Is it too soon for John Blaq to hold maiden concert?

John Blaq

When is the right time for an artiste to hold a concert? Some think having a few hit songs determines someone’s readiness while others believe that one should have a maiden show after years in the industry because by then, an artiste will be experienced enough.

We have however seen artistes holding concerts after a year in the game and sold out and we have also seen some artistes who have sold out concerts after years doing music. Yet again, many in the two categories have also had flops but will this be the same case with John Blaq who is slated to hold his maiden concert this coming November?

John Blaq has been in the music industry for about two years now and he is currently one of the big artistes in Uganda. The singer with a very unique voice broke out with his hit song ‘Romantic’ and has managed to release hit after hit such as ‘Sweet Love’, ‘Do Dat’, ‘Makanika’, ‘Obubadi’ and ‘Mama Bulamu’ among others. Someone would say he has hurried but there is never a best moment to have a concert.

John Blaq has the songs, his choice of venue, Freedom City is perfect and the timing of the show as well which will be November 29th as students who contribute most of his fan base will be in holidays.


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