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Is ‘Just Comedy’ all about Salvador?

Patrick Salvador, Ronnie McVex and Emmah Napoleone

About a month ago, comedians Patrick Salvador, Ehma Napoleon and Ronnie McVex came up with a comedy show known as ‘Just comedy’. It is a show that happens every Wednesday at Kingdom Kampala and with only three editions so far, it’s ranked among the top three comedy shows in Kampala.

However early this week, we stumbled on a poster on social media saying that the show will not be happening this evening because of some renovations that are being carried out at the venue. But to some, this is just an excuse because the information comes at a time when Salvador is away for a comedy show in Ethiopia.

Already, many have drawn conclusions that the self-proclaimed Man from Ombokolo is the brain and heart of the show. These allegations have been denied by the stakeholders at Just comedy who claim that the show was designed in a professional way where the absence of one can’t deter the show from happening.

“It’s true we are undergoing some renovations at the venue and that is entirely why we have stopped the show from happening. Just comedy was designed in a way that even if one of the 3 main people are not there, it can go on,” said a source from the show who prefers to remain anonymous.

The show will be resuming next week on the 28th at the same venue

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