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I can only support Chameleon’s political ambitions if he joins NRM- Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool and Chameleon might have a lot in common when it comes to music but their political beliefs differ most of the time. One is consistent while the other is not.

Bebe Cool has been an ardent supporter of NRM from way back and that has not changed. Matter of fact, even when his own father contested to be President of Uganda, the Musician supported Museveni. That shows how attached he is to the ruling party.

Having been part of the ‘Tubonga nawe’ project, Bebe Cool might have thought he had Chameleon by his side but after public criticism, the Leone Island boss got second thoughts about NRM.

He lost ties with the ruling party and stayed away from politics for some time until he returned a few months ago announcing his interest to run for the office of Kampala Lord Mayor through the Democratic Party.

This didn’t go down well with Bebe Cool.

Yesterday evening during the Just comedy show, Bebe Cool was asked whether he would support his musical brother. In his reply, he first asked which party Chameleone belonged too. He then set two conditions that Chameleon has to do for him (Bebe) to be on his side.

“If Chameleon comes as NRM, I will vote for him and be by his side. Then, he has to contest after three terms because then, he will be ready,” Bebe Cool stated.

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