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Basketmouth lashes out at comedians who repeat jokes

Basketmouth (R), Alex Muhangi (M) and a Nigerian comedian that will also be performing at the show

Nigerian comedian Basketmouth is in Uganda ahead of the comedy store happening tomorrow at UMA Lugogo where he’s the headlining act. The legendary comedian prior to the show lashed out at comedians who over-repeat jokes saying that they are simply lazy.

While addressing the press on Wednesday afternoon at Mestil hotel, the comedian said that it is so hard for a comedian to come up with content everyday so it is allowed for them to do the same jokes, twist them a little bit and most importantly to a different audience.

“It would be lazy if a comedian repeats the same jokes in the same venue,” he said.

Adding that it is only comedians outside Africa who can manage to come up with different content because they have writers which is not the case with African comedians.

“African comedians are at a risk. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to gather content because we create it ourselves but comedian’s abroad can at least create content every week because they have writers who they pay for that particular job. Trevor Noah, Kevin Hart and Eddy Murphy have done that.”

He also told Ugandans to be lenient with comedians because unlike music, comedy needs a lot of creativity meaning that if a comedian finds a punchline funny, they will always stick by it.

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