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Carol Nantongo opens up on how she transformed from a hairdresser to a wonder vocalist

Carol Nantongo

The first thing I do in the morning……

I take a glass of water.

And when I get to work…

I take a moment to meditate on how the day will go and reflect on what needs to get done.

My earliest childhood memory…

The first time I got to attended class and played with my friends in kindergarten. I remember being carefree and excited.

My first best friend…

I never had a best friend until I met Donah Mbaziira at Golden Band who was also an artiste.

What about your first boyfriend?

Haahaa! Let us leave that aside.


It is confidential.

My worst memory is…

When my mother was ill and I had to nurse her. This left me inadequate time to prepare for my final O-Level exams.


Nantongo: From a hairdressing trainer, to a wonder vocalist

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