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A cultural celebration at work

Some of the Stanchart employees that took a trip to western Uganda.

Uganda has 56 tribes according to google that speak different languages with different backgrounds.

On rare occasions, someone will have interest in learning about other cultures besides his or her own yet there is a lot to discover and learn. It is on this note that Standard Chartered Bank started a cultural week.

The cultural and diversity week climaxed last Friday at the bank’s head office in Kampala with employees dressed in different cultural outfits: gomesis, kanzus, mushanana and busuuti.

“We decided to celebrate this event to show that we are diverse in culture and focused. You have seen a Muganda dressed in an Ankole outfit and vice versa. I for one decided to try out a Nigerian outfit and I am liking it because it is free and comfortable,” explained Godfrey Sebaana, the head of commercial banking.   Because culture does not only stop at dresscode, employees also got the chance to taste different food, listen to different sounds and also learn about other cultures throughout the week.

“We have been sharing about other cultures, what they eat, the less known facts, what their interests are and the different attractions in those areas. For example, few of us knew that there was an Amin Dada memorial in northern Uganda. This helps us appreciate their origin, uniqueness and accept them the way they are,” Cynthia Mpanga, the Stanchart Corporate Affairs manager, said.

It was also during the evening that some outstanding employees were rewarded for their contribution over the years.

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