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I do not remember the first guy I kissed- Phina Mugerwa

Phina Mugerwa

UP-CLOSE. Josephine Mugerwa, popularly known as, Phina Masanyalaze, is a singer and dancer who a earned the title, ‘Uganda’s Shakira’. Mugerwa is well-known for her songs Masanyalaze and Bampassudde. CHRISTINE KATENDE had a chat with her.

The first thing I do in the morning…
I thank God for my life and ask him for more blessings.

How I plan my day…..
I plan the day according to the available programme. I never do things abruptly and it is the reason I have always been able to manage my time well.

My earliest childhood memory….
My earliest childhood memory is the day I went to school without a panty and I realised when it was time for Physical Education (PE).Remember, we would always put off our uniforms. I got confused because I did not know what to do at the time, I could not let my body out for everyone to see me. But when I explained to the teacher, she allowed me to continue with my dress on but I still felt embarrassed .

The first book you read…..
Nile English Course in Primary Seven I learnt tenses, sentence construction, and story writing, among other things.

My first boyfriend….
(Laughs loud)… I sincerely do not remember, it’s really a long time ago.

My first kiss….
That is something I cannot recall. I will obviously be lying if I said I remember when and with who.

My childhood hero….
My mother, a woman of value. She was there for me growing up and never left my side. She taught me how to do house chores, how to respect me and others. She generally groomed me well, and she cared about my wellbeing.

My best friend ……
My mother is my best friend because she can’t pretend, she really loves me. I am comfortable whenever I am with her, she is my confidant. My mother is my counsellor and I always lean on her when feeling down. I trust her so much for she can never go against me or do something behind my back.

My memorable experience…
It was the Cindy and Ken saga in 2014. It was bad that it sabotaged my family, given how it spread in the media. My son was mentally affected but good enough he was counselled and everything got back to normal. I thank God I handled it in a mature manner in respect of my family and we are well.

What is your style?
Simple I wear anything provided it fits my body shape. My dressing is not exaggerated but I am always on point.

My current job…
Most people have always known me as an artiste but I am also a counsellor, businesswoman, and troupe director.

What I dislike about my job…
People misinterpret my job (music). Most people think musicians are sluts, which is not true. Take an example of myself, I live two lives, on and off stage, I am a responsible mother, a good wife and down to earth.

My first salary…
It was Shs100,000 from Dick production at Didis World Kids Show in 2006.

Biggest regret in life…..
I surely have nothing to regret because everything which happens in life is God’s plan. God is always in the know of why something happens to someone and in the way it comes. I have instead learnt from the challenges I come across.

Best advice I have received…
To be patient. My mother has always advised me to be patient no matter how hard the situation is. She tells me that everything has its own time and I have for sure lived to testify it. It is one reason why I believe in her. “Omuzadde ye katonda w’okunsi” (she is my earthly god)
How do you maintain a good body?
I am naturally small bodied but still, I make sure I work out and avoid stress. I also mind a lot about what, when and how I eat.

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