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My child is not a business – Fresh Kid’s father

Fresh Kid’s father with Fresh Kid

After all the criticism he has been receiving lately, Mr Paul Mutabazi, father to rapper Fresh Kid has come out and said that his son and children should not be regarded as his business. This comes after he was criticized for taking the seven year old as his business.

“I have taken care of those children for 18 years. Freshkid has been in music for less than five months so he’s not a business,” Mutabazi emphasized. “My children have not been taking care of me for all those years but instead I’m the one who has been caring for them as a responsible father.” He added.

Freshkid’s father further revealed that of all people, he loves his children more than anyone else and Fresh Kid’s talent is something he can’t underestimate because it’s going to shape his future.

Fresh Kid’s father has been criticized for crippling his child’s talent by refusing to let his go abroad for performances and besides that, it has been said that he has also stopped him from accessing studio and performing.

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