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Janzi Band Goes To Fusion Autospa In Music Lounge

Janzi Band

Live Band music besides drinks is one thing that has added life to bar business. Some people are not fun of loud music on big speakers but a group of people on stage performing live with instruments.

The growth of many bands has given ideas to other bands that have managed to stay relevant and in business. Janzi Band has stood the test of time and the coming of new bands has not really affected them perhaps because they had prepared for it.

Janzi Band last year partnered with Tusker Malt and started what they referred to as the Tusker Malt Music Lounge. When we thought the Music Lounge will have different bands performing in different places, we were totally wrong because every edition is headlined by Janzi Band. The latest news on the desk is that the group will perform tomorrow at Fusion Autospa in Munyonyo.

Before Fusion, Janzi band has performed in places such as Nexus Lounge, Gabz Lounge, D.N.A and Tropix in Kyaliwajjala among others. Unlike just performing covers during their different musical performances, they are also in a bid to promote their new album titled ‘Eka’. ‘Eka’ has songs like ‘Njabala’, ‘Ngaali’, ‘River Road’, ‘Just a Dream’, ‘Omwana Wabantu’, ‘Eka’ and ‘Africa’ among others.

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