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Nameless reveals he almost walked out of his marriage to Wahu

David Mathenge, commonly known as Nameless, a Kenyan male musician known for his Nasinzia Nikikuwaza hit song that ruled the air waves in 2007 allover East Africa shocked many when revealed that he almost walked out on his pregnant wife after the marriage had lasted only three years.

The shock comes because his marriage to fellow female musician, Wahu looks stable, making them one of the most admired celebrity couple in Kenya.  And in September this year, they are preparing to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary.

According to a recent Interview on Radio Jambo, Nameless revealed that after his wife became pregnant, that is where problems started that seemed to overwhelm him that packing his bags and leaving seemed like the easiest way out.

“In the beginning of marriage two or three years after, I was wondering what was happening. Then just when we got married she got pregnant. With pregnancy comes a lot of uncertainty. I almost left at that time,” he opened up.

This stressed him out thinking there was no solution for the numerous troubles they were experiencing.

Nameless says it was until he came across a book called ´Reading habits of highly effective people´ and ever since he got his hands on that book, the marriage took a totally different turn.”

After reading the book, the marriage has gained momentum and there is a strong inseparable love between them.

And after sharing this inspiring journey, the legendary musician went ahead and advised young couples not to think there is a handbook that explains the ins and outs of the marriage.

“You take it as it is and learn on the job. We do not have a secret to making a marriage  work and we did not learn earlier. There is nothing like that. You learn along the way,” he shared.

The couple has been blessed with two lovely daughters.

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