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KFM will always be part of me- Malaika Nnyanzi

New start: Last Friday, Malaika Nnyanzi ended her two-year journey with KFM where her radio career started. Despite making the decision two weeks earlier, emotions got the best of her and she cried on air because she was leaving not just a workplace, but people who had become family. Isaac Ssejjombwe spoke to Malaika about her decision and the future.




1. You seemed emotional on your last day at KFM. Were you that sad to leave?
Of course, I was sad because I love KFM and everyone I worked with. I worked well with Brian Mulondo, my boss Joseph Beyanga and everyone else at the station. It was a good working environment and then I was happy because as much as I loved the people they loved me right back. You only realise these kinds of things when you are dead but getting this kind of appreciation and love got me emotional.

2. Tell us about your two-year experience at KFM?
Oh my God! First and foremost, radio is a completely different experience and I have said it before and will say it again, working for KFM was not a job but a lifetime experience and the hardest part for me was waking up at 3.45am. Even if I had slept at 6 pm the following day, I would still find a problem waking up. You know getting out when it is still dark and your mind is like ‘why?’ I worked with God-fearing people, the topics we discussed and everything. I was really blessed and God was with me all through. I was signed from nowhere and the shoes I was stepping in were really big for me but I am glad we did not let them down. The highlight of it all is that every single day we got to be ourselves with Brian. I was always shocked when people stopped me on the streets to say something because we were not faking it or anything. We were just having a great time.

3. So now that the chapter is closed, what next?
Let me first enjoy my KFM family and the love you guys have shown me for the two years. I think it is not the right time to say my next move. You know after a break-up, it is not nice to go showing off your new guy. You give it time but rest assured, I will announce when the right time comes. For now, I am in Kenya but moving a lot. I will be somewhere else next week and elsewhere the other week.

4. You seem to be doing lots of acting these days. Should we assume acting is your first love?
Honestly, ever since I was a child, acting was what I was interested in as well as presenting speeches, so you could say I was getting my coaching without knowing it. I am fascinated by acting but it is the ka young baby, the others are old now and can take care of themselves. It is just another great love of mine and God saved you that I am not into music, but who knows, God might surprise the Sheebahs because every day I discover new talent.

5. You are so elusive about your dating life. Is there someone?
I have been saying it every day on the radio that I am Mrs Lukaku. You guys of Sqoop magazine even helped me push the hashtag #HelpMalaikaMeetLukaku. I know many people think and say I left because I was getting married or pregnant but just like you said, I am elusive when it comes to that. It is just who I am.

To Brian Mulondo…
Thank you. You left a footprint no one could ever replace. God bless you.
I will miss…

The family of listeners definitely, the Daily Monitor family, my co-host Brian Mulondo and my boss Joseph Beyanga, Cathy Ageno, Patrick Kanyomozi, everyone in the newsroom, you, the security guys, the receptionist Harriet… oh God, you are making me sad all over again. I just cannot take it anymore.

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