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Video: Dumped MC Kats gives Fille money as she performs break up song

A screen grab from the video. COURTESY PHOTO

MC Kats clearly learnt from his actions when he attacked his ex-lover Fille during a Valentine’s Day performance at Vegas Chillout in Kampala, when he jumped on stage while she was performing her ‘love again’ song. The love again song is said to have been directed at him since she was tired of the relationship.

The backlash and the media frenzy must have gotten to him and he is willing to make amends.

Fille and MC Kats

During last night’s performance by Fille of the same song at Fame lounge, MC Kats jumped on stage and instead of grabbing the microphone, he this time just gave her money. Of course the crowd was scared when they saw him get to the stage, afraid that a repeat of the Valetine’s Day drama was about to go down. But no, it was Women’s Day and apparently he had gotten some more respect for the women that bore his youngest daughter.

Watch the video below:

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