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I had a huge crush on Bebe Cool- Ssenga Justin Nantume

Ssenga Justin Nantume (L), Bebe Cool (R)

Ssenga Justin Nantume was the guest on Faridah Nakazibwe’s ‘Mwassuze mutya’ show earlier today.

The show that airs every morning Monday to Friday tackles human interest issues.

Today, the host Faridah Nakazibwe and the guest Senga Nantume discussed quite a lot of issues, until they landed on Bebe Cool.

Nantume who is also a show Host on Dembe FM said some years back while she lived in Bidandi Ssali’s rental houses in Ntinda, singer Bebe Cool was a young boy who helped them run errands.

“Since I was married to a much older man, I would look at Bebe Cool whenever we sent him to buy for us cooking oil and I really liked him.” She further added that she had a huge crush on the musician but never told him because he was a rich man’s son and “we were just tenants on his house.”

A top African reggae and ragga musician in Uganda, Bebe Cool has been married to Zuena Kirema for the last sixteen years, since 2003.

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