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How Sasha Brighton has used scandals to promote her music

A photo montage of Sasha with Herbert Shonga (L), with Big Eye (R) and in set is Geoffrey Lutaya.

Singer Sasha Brighton has an amazing voice that sounds mature way beyond her years. She is able to fully share emotions as evidenced in her 2017 song Kambite.

Her beauty has won her a place in the hearts of many men and her height is another bonus.
But despite all these attributes, the singer that now wants to be referred to as Kasasha, is more known for scandals and rumors involving her than her music.

The scandals, nevertheless, have promoted her celebrity status. We take a look at her scandalous life and how her music career has benefited from it.

Raised by a singer mother, Sasha did all she could to join the music industry including dropping out of school, being thrown out of her mother’s home and lots more.

Sasha Brighton. COURTESY PHOTO

She somehow managed to make it to De Nu Eagles and has never looked back since then.
Her debut song with the band was Sweetie Sweetie in 2014, a song very popular at wedding functions.
She released other songs like So Lucky that if listened to critically show the talent that Sasha Brighton is.

But it wasn’t until her alleged affair with singer Big Eye that she became a household name. Big Eye who was at the time in a relationship with socialite Don Zella was on multiple times spotted with Sasha leading to the rumors of the affair.

Big Eye and Don Zella.

Although they had a son together, Big Eye and Don Zella ended their relationship and Sasha took the blame in the court of public opinion.

The public then wondered who the girl that caused this was, hence checking out her music.
Even transcending the equally talented Nu Eagles singers like Jovan Luzinda and Grace Khan, Sasha’s newly-found fame was an indicator that she was destined for bigger things.

Sasha Brighton and Herbert Shona on set for the Manyi Gange video.

Her song Kambite was a success due to the Big Eye sandal.

Sasha, however, denies having an affair with the Salompasi singer and says that what connected them was unhappiness in their lives at the time. She was no longer happy working with De Nu Eagles while Big Eye was having relationship problems.

In defense, Sasha says that Big Eye and Don Zella had already been having problems and the reason he was constantly seen together with her was because he wanted to do a remix to Kambite, a song he resonated with because it talked about a lover who was fed up of a relationship, just like he was.

Shortly after the Big Eye scandal had cooled off, Sasha was back in the news, not with a new song but on allegations that she was having an affair with Nu Eagles’ founder singer Geoffrey lutaaya.
Lutaaya, married to fellow singer and band mate Irene Namatovu, is many years older than Sasha and in fact played a pivotal role in launching her career.

It is not clear what set off the affair rumors but they climaxed when Sasha announced her exit from the band that introduced her to the industry.

The fact that she till date refuses to reveal exactly why she left the band also somewhat confirms the allegations to many.

Herbert and Sasha in matching outfits. COURTESY PHOTOS

She has in the past revealed that she released Kambite because of the emotional turmoil she was going through in the group. Kambite means “Let me let it go” and although she disguised it as a love song, Sasha says that the song was about letting the group go.

With no manager and little money, Sasha embarked on a solo career. Her fans and those of Nu Eagles were mad at her for leaving the group and were not afraid to call her out on her Facebook page. She released another song Nawumula which failed to pick up on hit lists.

The mother of one then started a PR campaign which would have gone well until she appeared on a local radio station. The station that also streams the studio sessions live on Facebook came under fire when it appeared that the show’s hosts, all men, were inappropriately touchy towards her.
The men, struck by her beauty, were touching her arms but Sasha did not look bothered. Once again she was in the spotlight for the wrong reasons but it worked for her.

(L)Sasha Brighton, (R) Herbert and Dorothy Shonga. COURTESY PHOTO

When that blew over, an even bigger scandal took center stage. Sasha was rumored to be having an affair with socialite Herbert Shonga, another married man.

Stories about them trickled in slowly through mainly Facebook groups like Mama Tendo or as tip-offs sent to Facebook bloggers’ pages.

Women claimed to have seen the two out on cozy dates, with the most shocking allegations being that Sasha was seen wearing clothes that belonged to Herbert’s wife, Dorothy Shonga.

These posts were accompanied with pictorial evidence but it was never a big deal until a scorned Dorothy posted on social media that she had served her husband of 15 years with divorce papers.

While promoting her a new song Gwe Manyi Gange, Sasha had posted on Facebook a photo of Herbert partly captioned “He keeps listening to it day n night it’s such a wonderful tune.”

The Shongas on their wedding day.

The picture and Dorothy’s bombshell post were too much of a coincidence yet neither parties addressed the suspicions.

Interestingly, Sasha had never been overly active on social media till this scandal. She then changed her relationship status to ‘In A Relationship’ from ‘Single’.

Herbert on the other hand was on rampage posting live videos with Sasha’s Gwe Mangi Gange playing in the background apparently unbothered by his pending divorce.

But they were not yet done, Herbert, a father of three even featured in the music video to song, acting as Sasha’s love interest.
The two teased the video on their social media platforms as though trying to tell their followers something.

Of course their chemistry in the video seemed real. In the video they in one one scene wear matching outfits. They have on different occasions been spotted wearing the same outfits.

A scene from the Gwe Manyi Gange video.

A one King Salem commented on the video saying, “First time to watch her songs I was wondering why people were talking negatives about her so I searched for her songs….love from Phoenix Arizona USA.”
The love shown to the video clearly shows that the scandal has worked for Sasha Brighton’s music.

Although both of them deny being in a relationship, they do not try at all to prove it.
They in fact seem to be working hard to prove that there is something going on.

Sasha’s Facebook page turned into a punching bag for women who branded her a husband snatcher but it seems to be the last of her worries.

It can be argued that Sasha jumps to scandal to promote her music but it can also be said that scandal simply follows Sasha…whatever the case is, she is surely profiting from it.

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