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VIDEO: Fille’s Love again stings MC Kats

Fille and MC Kats

Events host Mc Kats was yesterday humiliated at Vegas Chillout in Kampala, when he jumped on stage while Fille was performing her ‘love again’ song.

The NBS presenter jumped on stage from the audience and as he was grabbing the microphone, one of Fille’s aides tried to bounce him off the stage.

Fille surrendered the microphone and even signaled the deejay to reduce the volume.

She thought Kat’s was going to say something reasonable but he turned his guns to Fille’s aide.

“This man thinks he can touch me. I’m bigger than you are. Uganda, I want to say one thing. These people think they are strong. But I made that artiste,” he said.

Meanwhile Fille had already left the stage and on realizing that he was the only one there, he also decided to follow her but fell off the stage in the process. Some people say he was drunk. However, this is not the first time Kats has interrupted during live Fille performance and on the same song.

Perhaps the song mentions some harsh truths that do not rub his ego!

Already, rumors are circulating that the two separated for good.

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