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‘Ugandans should stop judging me’ Chameleone speaks out on ‘expensive’ US house

Chameleone and his son at their new house

Musician Jose Chameleon was criticized recently for parading large sums of money in a video clip. Many said he was just showing off. He however came out and said that maybe it was true he was showing off but decided to make it right by using the same amount of money to invest in a house that he bought for his wife and children.

But still, some came out and said there is no way he could have bought off the house. Not with the over Shs737 million that it was reportedly going for. It is these claims that have angered the musician to come out and clear the air.

Chameleone and his family at their new house. Courtesy photos

“It’s so disappointing that Ugandans can judge and doubt me for my investments. I have been singing for the past 20 years. If Diamond Platnumz can buy a house and it is spread as a gospel truth why would anyone doubt me for buying a house in the US?” Chameleon said in an audio clip.

He also added that he wants to be an example to the youth out there that they can be successful and do what others consider impossible. “I’m trying to inspire the youth that it’s possible. I’m not here to prove myself. I here to make a future for my children so that they are proud of me,” Chameleon added.

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