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PICTURES: Zuena goes emotional as last-born son starts school

Zuena and Dean on his first day of school. COURTESY PHOTOS

It’s always an emotional moment for parents when their little ones go to school for the first time. For some, it’s hard to control tears while some rush to social media to post pictures of their now-independent babies wearing school uniforms and carrying little bags.

Already active: Dean builds blocks with classmates and a teacher.

Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena was one proud mamma when her last-born son Dean Ozil reported to pre-school on Monday morning. Like many parents to school-going children, she posted a number of pictures of Dean at school and also penned a special and sweet message for her little one.

They grow so fast: Dean checks out the toys in his classroom.

She wrote: “Dear son, As you start a new journey in your life, i have many hopes and prayers for you.
I pray you get good friends who laugh at your jokes, let you into their secret clubs and invite you to their birthday parties.

Cool kid. Dean carried a Harry Potter bag. COURTESY PHOTOS

I hope that you learn that it’s more than okay to fail—it means you’re pushing yourself to your limits—and that you discover new insights about yourself along the way.

Looks like Dean will be spending a lot of time in the playground.

I hope you learn that there’s no substitute for hard work and extended effort even when every bone in your body wants to take the easy way out.

Mummy’s sunshine.

I hope you also find ways to slow down, unplug and look within—to pray, to meditate, to contemplate—in silence, especially as you grow up in a time of screens and digital addiction.
Wishing you the best of luck my Papa
Love you always
1st day of school.”

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