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MC Kats apologizes, says Fille’s song ‘Bye bye ex’ will be a hit

Fille and MC Kats. FILE PHOTO


Despite the tension that is between them recently, Mc Kats has for once put his feelings aside and predicted that Fille’s new single ‘Bye bye ex’ will be a hit.

“It is a good song that I think is going to turn into a hit,” the NBS After 5 presenter said during an interview with one of the TV stations yesterday.

This is despite the fact that the song is directed to him after their break up with Fille.

He says that he learnt from Bebe cool and Chameleon that real life crises make hits when artistes draw inspiration from them to make songs and that he has no issues with the song at all.

The events Mc further apologized to Fille for his actions on Valentine’s Day where he went on stage un-invited and said some unpleasant words to Fille.

“I have a temper problem, what I did at Vegas is wrong. I want to apologize to Fille’s fans and everyone who thinks I am trying to destroy her career,” he said.

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