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Gaetano, Salvador to replace Fabiola in Tulambule campaign

A photo montage of Salvador and Gaetano Kaggwa. COURTESY PHOTO

Tulambule Uganda, a Tourism Campaign that has created more buzz on social media was recently concluded with Anita Fabiola being the brand Ambassador of the campaign.

‘Scaredy cat’: Anita Fabiola chickens out of first Tulambule challenge

Among the topics discussed was how State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda prefers working with women and it is the other reason why he chose to endorse Miss Curvy.

Tulambule ambassadors on the Nile. PHOTO BY VIEW UGANDA

During an interview with Hon Kiwanda, he said that Tulambule doesn’t necessarily work with only women because the next edition is going to have men as the Ambassadors.

“We work with people with numbers to influence the campaign on social media, it is the reason we had Zari and Fabiola,” Kiwanda said.

Minister Kiwanda says all the negative publicity has worked in favour of Tulambule. PHOTO BY Isaac Ssejjombwe

He went on and said that this time, the campaign would work with Comedian Patrick Salvador and media personality Gaetano Kagwa.

Tulambule is a campaign that was started to promote domestic tourism through social media influencers and celebrities with a huge following.

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