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‘Enough is enough’ – Dorothy vows to make Herbert Shonga sign divorce papers

The Shongas on their wedding day.

City socialite Dorothy Shonga has come out to clarify her claim that she wants to divorce her husband Herbert Shonga.
The Malawian-born socialites who used to own former Space Lounge, a nightclub on Kampala road, wedded on December 2016.

However, after a year in their marriage, Dorothy started accusing Herbert of infidelity, revealing that he had been cheating on her with a lady, only known as Sheila, a public relations officer at their club and since then, their marriage has been on tenterhooks.

Sheilat Murungi.

On Tuesday, Dorothy Shonga shared on her Facebook timeline divorce papers which she captioned; “Divorced proceedings in final stages pending Herbert Shonga’s signature who has refused to sign but putting on a show for social media that he is divorced.”

This followed a Facebook live video by Herbert Shonga in which he said he won’t sign because the divorce papers were fake and therefore their marriage was sham.

This prompted Dorothy Shonga to reply with another post on her Facebook timeline unearthing the all the secrets she has been sitting on.

“Herbert Shonga, I have just seen your live video where you claimed you refused to sign the divorce papers because they are fake since we got married in Uganda. You forget you are a citizen of Malawi too and you won’t run away from this. I have attached your passport in case you have forgotten you have one. For 15 years I have watched you sleep with our house maids, my friends and everyone you came across. I have forgiven you for 15 years thinking you will change, I was wrong. You thought am your toy coz I always took you back for the sake of our children. Now the nose you pressed has bled profusely for no blood is left,” part of her post reads.

Herbert and Dorothy. COURTESY PHOTOS

She revealed how she helped Herbert in his business endeavors and how she is the owner of all the things people think belong to Herbert.
“And after this, am coming for both cars because the purchase money transferred directly from my account and both log books are in my names. I spend nights in my bed and wear my clothes as I hustle to take care of our children. Your children are living a good life because I work so hard for them as you look for skirts to undress,” Dorothy Shonga said.
“Enough is enough. You have ashamed me and made me a laughing stock on social media coz you can’t keep your pants closed for a second. Sign the papers and you are free to live as a freelancer because you have always told me you prefer being one. I need to be happy again and you won’t stop me,” she vowed.

The last time Herbert and Dorothy Shonga were said to have broken up, it was claimed they were on the verge of sealing a big business deal in one of the South African countries that needed them to be apart. It is said the deal was sealed and they rubbished the rumors of the separation afterwards.

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