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Four One One

‘Enid and I are age mates’ Jonathan Nalebo assures haters

Jonathan Nalebo, is a very unhappy man. The former gossip presenter is seething at the recent onslaught he suffered on social media sparked by photographs of himself and his fiancé during their introduction ceremony.
He confesses that he did not understand how harmful gossip was until he was at the receiving end, writes Lawrence Ogwal.

Who is Jonathan Nalebo?
I am a radio presenter, a marketer and a student pursuing a master’s degree in marketing management at Uganda Management Institute.

You missed out the slay king which most people say you are.
You are right when you say people call me that and it is okay. I do not think my fashion sense and lifestyle are such an important part of my life to describe me. It is something I do, not who I am. By the way there is nothing wrong with being a slay king because most of them are focused on making their lives better, that is why they struggle to dress and live like they are already there where they want to be.

Congratulations on your introduction.
Thank you.

Why do you think it attracted so much negativity on social media?
First of all, I would like to give thanks to God who has been good to me and my fiancé Enid Mirembe. We have been able to do what most people our age are not yet thinking about. I believe the people who were attacking us on social media are envious of our achievement, instead of asking for tips to learn how they can do it too, they decided to hate.

Did it stress you that they called your fiancee older than you?
I do not mind about other people’s opinions but for the sake of ending the unnecessary speculation, my fiancee and I are the same age.

When did you meet?
I met her four years ago when she was still Miss Tourism Busoga. We have been dating all this time but we managed to keep the relationship secret until this year when we decided to come out and make it official.

What attracted you to her?
My fiancee is a very attractive woman, I doubt any man can survive her magic. She is God-fearing and hardworking as well. As a hardworking man, I have always wanted to be with a hardworking woman and that is how we can both be a powerful couple and successful couple. She is the woman I always dreamed about and the moment I saw Mirembe I knew I would make her my wife. The fact that we both come from the east and we are both Basoga gave us more reasons to connect and form a powerful relationship.

What don’t people know about Nalebo?
Many people think I am arrogant and opinionated, yet in actual sense, I am not. People get shocked when they take time to drop their judgment and actually get to know me and find me totally different.

There were rumours you are joining politics: how true are they?
We are all born leaders, the level at which we exercise this inherent quality is simply what varies. I am making preparations that when the right time comes I will be able to represent my people as a Member for Parliament for Iganga Municipality where I come from.

Do you still see exes?
I have moved on from all that. Right now they are lessons and experiences from my past which have helped to shape me into the person I am today. When I met my fiancee I was already a fully formed individual ready for a meaningful relationship and for this I am very grateful to everyone in my past.

When is the wedding?
The wedding is in the pipeline, I am very excited.

Where did you attend school?
I attended Valery Hill Primary School and Bukoyo Secondary School and Kampala International University for Bachelors in Mass Communication in 2017.

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