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Dorah Mwima applauded over ‘telling truth’ about Mowzey Radio’s son

A photo montage of Dorah Mwima and Mowzey Radio.

Former Miss Uganda Dorah Mwima on Tuesday broke the internet when she revealed that the late Mowzey Radio is the father of her first born child Ethan Barack.
In a tell-all post shared on social media, Mwima shares that she met the Good Lyfe singer at the end of her reign as Miss Uganda, they started a relationship that resulted in her getting pregnant.
Read the full story here: Mowzey Radio is the father of my first child – Former Miss Uganda Dorah Mwima
Of course many were shocked by this since February 1 marked one year since Radio’s death but Mwima had never come forward. According to her, the celebrated singer did not even know about the boy.
Although she has been labelled by a few people as an attention seeker, the majority of people online have applauded her decision to raise the boy as single mother.
Here are some of the comments to the story.

Acaye Elizabeth Pamela: I met Dorah Mwima Barrak at NdereCentre nine years ago; I think.. 2009 actually is when we met. She was and still is a phenomenal woman!! To all those judging her for her noble choice of motherhood, go visit your mothers. While conversing with your biological mothers, tell them whatever you want about Dorah. LEAVE DORAH, HER MIND, HER BODY, HER WOMB, HER CHILD, HER MARRIAGE. HER EVERYTHING ALONE.

Yudaya Nangonzi: Dear men, when you accept to pull down your boxers and have live sex with a woman, expect two things; HIV & PREGNANCY especially if you don’t trust your partner. Having read Dorah Mwima’s narrative on how she struggled to tell fallen musician Mowzey Radio that she is raising his son, I shed a tear. I salute you Mwima. Why neglect responsibility when you know what it takes not to impregnate someone? If you’re too proud or broke to take care of the outcome of your live sex, be calm and accept your children. Of late, things are more improved that you can do DNA tests to prove paternity. Shame on you all wagging your lousy fingers and tongues at her.

Dorah Mwima and her family. COURTESY PHOTOS

Namiiro Leah: it’s truly an inspiring story of bravery and a great heart. I agree. She is PHENOMENAL in more than one way.

Joram Muzira Job: Iam soooooo proud of you Dorah Mwima Barrak. You are a Beacon of Inspiration and your strength inspires me a lot! sooo proud of you!

Tayebwa Janet: That fake friend thought they would break you but now we applaud you for being a strong woman

Ritah Kiyuba: You don’t owe the public an explanation thou, you are too strong sweetheart, thx to your hubby for understanding, this is too good

Kobusingye Allen Blossom: 99 hugs Dorah … You’re such a STRONG WOMAN in bold letters. Imagine you were only 19.

Judith Kyalimpa Ploen: Wow, you are an amazing Woman and mother, Ethan is blessed to have you as his mother and am sure there in a happy granny somewhere in Jinja who has nothing to offer him but love if she got to know his existence earlier. Aunt Nakintije Sylvia I hope you have read this post.

Kerubo Carol: I love your maturity. God bless your life and make that young man strong in all aspects. He has the best dad barak. May God barak for you and him

Mariah T Magezi: Cute Ethan..! Now I see the resemblance.. R.I.P Radio.. Dorah Mwima, you are one in a Million-A Woman of Substance!

Awelo Min Nunu Chuza: You will always have my respect …. You handled this so well. God bless you

Stella Maria Namuyingo: Dorah Mwima I was proud of you already, but now am more than.

Joan Sheilla: Am so shocked…but you made the right decision in my opinion.

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