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I spend more than Shs3m on clothes per month – David Lutalo speaks out on his style evolution


MY STYLE. David Lutalo spoke to Isaac Ssejjombwe about his fashion.

What fashion style describes you?
None, I do not limit myself to any style because I wear whatever looks good on me. My stylist chooses what he believes looks good on me.

Who is that stylist?
Trevor, my young brother.

When did he start out with you?
Since I discovered his capability to dress me up.

Which clothes do you fancy the most?
I go with whatever he chooses. Every occasion calls for a specific dress code. For example, you cannot go to a wedding in jeans because you look good in them.

Do you love baggy clothes or fitting?
The occasion matters. For example, if I’m at a vintage setting video shoot that requires baggy but most times I prefer fitting clothes.

What is your most expensive item in your wardrobe?
I do not know because my fashionista buys most of them.

When do you go shopping?
My young brother does that.

Lutalo performs at his concert. FILE PHOTO

How much do you give him for shopping every month?
It depends. Sometimes I give him more than Shs3m, other times less. Prices differ depending on the event.

For how long do you keep clothes?
I do not wear clothes more than twice especially if I have appeared in them at a certain function or video. For other clothes, I wear them only thrice and give them away.

Do you have specific places he shops from?
He buys them from arcades and downtown. If he sees something nice and thinks it will look good on me, he buys it for me.

Even when you travel?
I don’t buy clothes when I travel. I only buy shoes if I like them.

Why do you buy shoes abroad?
I’m sure they are legit unlike in Uganda and Africa where we get counterfeits.

What kind of shoes do you like?
None. I have sneakers, casual among others.


What do you consider while buying shoes?
Size, designer and material.

What are some of the brands that you have?
A number including Gucci and Prime.

Do you dress for an occasion or you dress to please yourself?
For myself. I do not have specific clothes that I wear at home. All my clothes can be worn to events and functions.

David Lutalo is styled by his brother. COURTESY PHOTO

Do you go to gym?
Yes I do, to trim my stomach and work on my chest and arms. On average thrice.

Where is it and how much do you spend there?
The price is confidential but it is Makutano in Mutundwe.

Do you visit the salon?
Yes, I go once a week to trim my hair and beard.

What are you eating habits?
When I was in Luweero I ate everything except pork and alcohol. In Kampala, I’m not good at eating.

How much do you spend on clothes?
I cannot answer that because some items are good but come cheap.

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