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JANWORRY: Anita Fabiola resorts to selling calendars

Anita Fabiola

The days after Christmas festivities can be hard sometimes. A lot of money is spent on merrymaking that people are normally left with just a little to sail through the month of January, which is why it is termed a Janworry by many netizens.

Its mid month, and the janworry fever has started biting hard.

One of the people feeling this fever is media personality Anita Fabiola. But she has found a clever way to salvage herself, and that is through selling her beauty. Not in the way that you might be thinking.

Fabiola has designed calendars that feature various photos of her gorgeous self. So if you are one of those that like to stalk her Instagram account, just to have a glimpse of her body, buy the calendar and you will wake up to her in your living room everyday.

“Of all the cliche opinions about time, my personal favourite is that every second/hour/day counts. Your productivity is reliant upon your ability to align timelines & plans. A copy of the Fabiola 2019 calendar will be your fabulous assistant at home, office or car to never lose track of time. At a fee of shs40,000 UGX, all proceeds will go to supporting the Fab Girls Foundation,” she posted on her Instagram.

Would you buy the calendars?

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