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Four One One

Greenhalgh? Who is that?

Socialite Bad Black

BAD BLACK: Shanitah Namuyimba commonly known as Bad Black returned to the limelight early this year after disappearing off the scene for a while and she has been making quite some news on social media. Lawrence Ogwal caught up with the socialite to find out where she has been and plans for her return.

1. Where has Bad Black been all this while?
I have been making money. When I left Uganda I was a bit broke but then I hooked up a rich White man and he has been there for me. I would not want to mention his name here but all I can say is that he gives me all the money that I want and I am three months pregnant by him. People wonder how I get all these rich men, but I am a street smart woman who knows how to play my cards right. I do not do evil things and I know I am not that beautiful nor do I have the best body, but I know how to hook the right men.

2. Are you still in touch with Meddie Sentongo?
My Meddie is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He got me up from Katwe where I was a poor woman trying to make ends meet and made me the rich woman I am today. We do not appear in photos together anymore but we meet privately and I can strongly say we have strings attached and after this interview, I am going to Lubowa to meet him and we catch a drink.

3. Why do you attack Bobi Wine in your videos?
I do not have a problem with Bobi Wine, I have a problem with him wanting to take on the President of Uganda. Someone whose identity I will not disclose but claimed he worked for People Power paid me $20,000 (about Shs76m) to attack and abuse the President of Uganda and because I love making money, I accepted the job but they never paid my full amount. It was recently that I realised that whatever I said was bad and I am apologising to the President for what I did. They kept on calling me saying if I do not continue with their plans of abusing the President, they will kidnap or even hurt me.
You can never compare People Power and NRM. Everyone who says they belong to People Power is not serious and they are ungrateful for what the President did for them. Most of us grew up in the regime of President Museveni and we should proudly say we are NRM because there is nothing that Bobi Wine can do as President, he is still young and lacks knowledge about the country. I do not have a problem with him being a singer and an MP but it is wrong that he wants to be President of this great nation.

4. Are you back to dethrone Bryan White on the money-splashing front?
I was the richest socialite before I was convicted and when I returned after serving my sentence, I went to work and regain my place as the richest socialite. Bryan White is a rich man, a very rich man that matches or is even richer than me. I have been following him while on holiday and truth be told, I have never seen someone who sustains spending like him. Ever since he came, he has never stopped spending money on Ugandans and I respect him.

5. Do you still talk to David Greenhalgh?
Does he still exist? I heard rumours last year that he passed on because I always see his wife wandering around and about on the streets of Kampala. I always see her walking while I cruise my brand new Mercedez Benz 4Matic.
I believe that as a woman, no man stays rich when they try to take me down. He sent me to jail and I also did something that made him go broke. Do not ask me what I did because I will not say.

Is it Wardrobe or Hodilopu
Haha! I have tried to explain myself that I never went to school and that I do not speak good English. My son Jonah’s father is a White man and he speaks only English with me but he understands Luganda. I make many mistakes while speaking to him in English because I do not know good English and whether it is wardrobe or hodilopu, that is up to you to choose the right word.

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